Structures (civpy.structures)

Contains components for performing structural analysis.


CrossSection(name, area[, width, height, …]) A class representing a member cross section.
Material(name, elasticity[, rigidity]) A class representing an engineered material.
ElementGroup(name, section, material) A class representing a group of element properties.
Node A class representing a structural node.
Element(name, inode, jnode, group[, …]) A class representing a structural element.
Structure(name, nodes, elements[, symmetry]) A class representing a structure.


LoadCase(name[, node_loads, elem_loads]) A class representing a structural load case.
NodeLoad A class representing a load applied to a node.
ElementLoad A class representing an element load.

Element Functions

rotation_matrix(dx, dy, dz[, roll]) Returns the rotation matrix of shape (3, 3) for an element.
transformation_matrix(dx, dy, dz[, roll]) Returns the transformation matrix of shape (12, 12) for an element.
local_stiffness(l, lu, a, ix, iy, j, e, g[, …]) Returns the local stiffness matrix of shape (12, 12) of the element.
clear_element_cache() Clears the element function cache.

Element Load Functions

load_distances(dx, dy, dz, ix, delx) Returns the load distances to where an element load is applied.
force_local_reactions(fx, fy, fz, dx, dy, …) Returns the local force reaction vector for an element.
moment_local_reactions(mx, my, mz, dx, dy, …) Returns the local moment reaction vector for an element.
local_reactions(fx, fy, fz, mx, my, mz, dx, …) Returns the local reaction vector for an element.
clear_element_load_cache() Clears the element load function cache.